Dandruff Home Remedies

April 15th, 2012

Dandruff, as we all know is one of the major scalp problems. Stress, hormonal imbalance, unhealthy diet, and changes in weather condition are some of the leading factors that can cause dandruff.

Many have sought a treatment for dandruff. They purchase different chemicals and expensive shampoos, in search for dandruff solutions. Little to they know, the best dandruff remedies can be found at their very homes.

Before looking for dandruff solutions, we must first understand the types of dandruff. Dandruff has two main types: oily dandruff and the dry dandruff. Obviously, people who have oily skin have oily dandruff. People with dry skin on the other hand, endure the dry dandruff. To get an effective treatment for dandruff, one must know what type of skin they have.

Sadly, individuals with oily dandruff can be harder to treat compared to those with dry dandruff. Nonetheless, finding effective dandruff solutions is easy if combined with proper hygiene. With good care of your hair and scalp, you can easily get away from this situation. It is a misconception to see dandruff as a simple cosmetic problem. If dandruff is not treated right away, this can lead to serious consequences.

The treatment for dandruff needs not to be costly. Try searching in your cupboards, kitchen compartments and even your refrigerator to find the best dandruff home remedies.

Treatment for dandruff # 1:

  • For those people with oily skin, get a hot steam bath.
  • Massage your scalp gently with apple cider vinegar and rinse.
  • Wash your hair with your regular shampoo and rinse with warm water.
  • Include this method in your routine for two weeks.

Treatment for dandruff # 2:

  • In a bowl, beat two eggs and add three tablespoons of water.
  • Before you apply the mixture to your hair, make sure that it is damp.
  • Apply the mixture beginning from your scalp, down to the roots of your hair.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Repeat this method everyday for two weeks.

Treatment for dandruff # 3:

  • In a bowl, mix two table spoons of vinegar and two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon.
  • Gently apply the mixture to your scalp. Vinegar, especially the apple cider type has properties that can help cure dandruff.
  • Wash your hair with your regular shampoo.
  • Repeat this method everyday for at least three weeks.

Treatment for dandruff # 4:

  • If you don’t have an aloe vera plant at home, you can use an aloe vera gel.
  • On your damp hair, rub the aloe vera plant or gel to your scalp and leave for about five minutes.
  • Wash with your regular shampoo.
  • Repeat this method for two weeks.

See? The treatment for dandruff can indeed be found in your homes. Although these methods are proven to be excellent dandruff home remedies, consistency is important to keep the scalp hydrated.

Now that you know that the best dandruff solutions are just within your reach, you can now reconsider keeping those dark clothing.

Choose any of these dandruff home remedies and combine them with a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle and proper hygiene. Good hair regimen is essential. After all, our hair is our crowning glory.

Best Anti Dandruff Shampoo

April 11th, 2012

Dandruff is one of the top problems of adolescents. Although this infection does not choose any age or race, it is most prominent in people ages 20 and above. The main cause for dandruff’s development is a fungal infection that makes the scalp shed skin at an excessive speed. Studies show that stress and hormonal imbalance cause dandruff to start after the stage of puberty. Symptoms of dandruff can be dryness and itching, and flaking of the skin.

Dandruff can cause embarrassment, and can even lower self-esteem. This also hinders a person from wearing dark colored fabric, as it can be clearly visible on the shoulders.

If you have dandruff, it is advisable to prevent harsh hair care products like hair dyes, and other chemicals that can cause your scalp to itch and develop a dandruff-like growth. Dandruff can be long-term if not given immediate attention. Minimal use of blow dryers, curling and straightening irons is needed. One of the causes of dandruff is too much exposure to heat.

There are a lot of ways on to get rid of dandruff. Avoiding stress and tension helps reduce the growth of dandruff. An increase of water, fruits and vegetables also shrinks the shredding of dead skin cells. Avoid too much sugar, spice, and salt in your diet, as they can intensify dandruff. Also, always keep hats, scarves, headbands, and brushes clean at all times.

Another way describing how to get rid of dandruff is by proper care and hygiene. Wash your hair regularly with a shampoo that has less harsh content. Many large brands claim that they are the best anti dandruff shampoo manufacturers. This may be true for some brands, but, the best anti dandruff shampoo is the one that contains a high amount of salicylic acid. This is because salicylic acid has properties that help soften the scales on the skin. Salicylic acids are used as anti-inflammatory drugs. Its medicinal properties have been shown to control, itching and other skin irritations.

It is also good to consider shampoos that have hydrocortisone, sulfur and salicylic acid altogether. With this combination, it treats scaling, peeling, itching, and other symptoms of dandruff. Washing your hair with lukewarm water also helps remove skin oils. However, if you are allergic or sensitive to these types of chemicals, it is essential to seek advice from your doctor.

There are some shampoos that need not to be used everyday. Make sure you read the label and follow the instructions. However, if you already see red spots or a formation of pustules (pus) between the hair strands, then it is best to see your dermatologist.